Тariff option «4G Poytakht»
Дата: 22.09.2020

Only users of 4G LTE Router modem with Tariff option 4G LTE can purchase Internet packages "4G Poytaht"

Package 4G LTE Subscription fee (monthly) traffic 3G/4G (МB) Speed is 3G network after exhaustion of a traffic Speed is 4G network after exhaustion of a traffic Activation of the package Deactivation of the package
4G Poytaht 4 49 somoni 4 000 64 kbps/s 128 kbps/s *125*4*1# *125*4*0#
4G Poytaht 10 99 somoni 10 000 64 kbps/s 128 kbps/s *125*10*1# *125*10*0#
4G Poytaht 25 199 somoni 25 000 128 kbps/s 256 kbps/s *125*25*1# *125*25*0#
4G Poytaht 45 299 somoni 45 000 128 kbps/s 256 kbps/s *125*45*1# *125*45*0#
4G Poytaht 100 499 somoni 100 000 128 kbps/s 384 kbps/s *125*100*1# *125*100*0#

After the termination of the main traffic, you can purchase Bonus packages:

Bonus packages The price The amount of traffic Service activation
Bonus 2GB 25 somoni 2 000 *125*2000#
Bonus 4GB 50 somoni 4 000 *125*4000#

Package Conditions:

  1. The service works in 3G and 4G networks on the whole territory of Dushanbe. Package is not available in other regions of Tajikistan.
  2. The service is not available for subscribers in international Roaming.
  3. Activation of options are possible several times a day. The Monthly Fee will be charged for each service activation.
  4. Bonus packages (4G Poytaht Bonus -2GB and 4GB) is available only if you have one of the basic packages.
  5. Packages are provided only in Tariff "4G LTE".
  6. When you deactivate a package, the remaining traffic will be cancelled. The validity of the packages in one calendar month
  7. Upon successful removal of Monthly Fee for the next month, the rest of the traffic is transferred to the next month
  8. In case of simultaneous activation of options "4G Poytaht" and "Mobi-GPRS" (the other optional packets), the priority options are "4G Poytaht".
  9. The cycle of removing Monthly Fee from the date of connection.
  10. Simultaneous activation of several packages is impossible.
  11. The bonus package can be activated 1 time per day.
  12. Checking the status and the remainder of the packages is available VIA USSD request: *125# and via the website: http://babilon-m.tj/recharge
  13. Activation of the service is carried out only at the moment of receiving an SMS message about the activation.

If you have any additional questions, you can contact to the call center of our company by number: ‎918 61-61-61.

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