Дата: 22.09.2020

What is Roaming?

Roaming is an opportunity to travel abroad with your cell phone and always being available to be called with your own phone number. People may do not know that you are out of country and dialing your number as usual they always are able to reach you by calling the same phone number.

Enabling/disabling Roaming rules

Before departure, make sure that a country you are leaving for, has Roaming service. On arrival, switch on your cell phone and it would automatically get registered in a network which has roaming service. In the event if your cell phone is not automatically registered in such country, choose available network manually (look up your phone manual).

The service Roaming automatically activates if in your balance is more than 137,5 somoni and deactivates if in your balance is less than 137,5 somoni. It is recommended to have one's account balance with no less than 200 Somoni in order to avoid prompt deactivation of roaming service taking into account high-cost roaming networks.

  • Deactivation of Roaming service: *2004*120#
  • Activation of Roaming service: *2004*121#
  • Service status verification: *2004*12*#



Incoming calls, forwarded due to enabled conditional forwarding function while in Roaming, sometimes are double charged as outgoing calls in Roaming. That’s why we recommend to disable all forwarding functions before your departure abroad, particularly the function of call forwarding to Voice mail, for prevention of any unanticipated extra charges.

Dialing rules in Roaming

Being in Roaming you have to dial all phone numbers in international format: + [country code] [city prefix] [phone number] notwithstanding the direction where you are calling to. For example, to call to Dushanbe you should dial: +992 372 xxxxxxx
To send SMS/MMS messages you should dial all phone numbers also in international format.

Support in Roaming

If you have any service problem, please apply to:

  • Call Center of Operator in the travelled country (only concerning the applicable dialing rules)
  • Call Centre of “Babilon-Mobile”, dialing the number in international format as follows: +992 918 616161

Attention! The call to the “Babilon-Mobile” Call Center is charged as outgoing call to Tajikistan.

GPRS Roaming

In addition, all subscribers have an opportunity to use GPRS Roaming , i.e. to enjoy Internet access service while in Roaming (wap, web, e-mail, mms). GPRS Roaming procedure is similar to GSM Roaming. The subscriber does not need to change cell phone settings.
In Roaming Babilon-Mobile’s subscribers can send and receive MMS messages*, and also use «E-mail2MMS» / «MMS2E-mail» service: sending and receiving MMS from E-mail.


  1. MMS sending and receiving service is available in intranet Roaming, and within domestic network.
  2. While you are in International Roaming, the incoming/outgoing MMS are subject to charging as GPRS traffic in Roaming.
  3. GPRS traffic cost depends on applicable rates of relative Operator of traveled country.


3G Roaming service allows Babilon-Mobile’s subscribers to make video calls*, while they are in Roaming. Now, going abroad, subscriber can communicate in habitual 3G network and enjoy all the services of high quality which he uses in Tajikistan in Babilon-Mobile’s network. in Roaming, if subscriber has 3G standard device, he may have an access to high speed Internet and more qualitative connection. Due to the 3.5-HSDPA technology the subscriber can use high speed Internet access in Roaming. If you have HSDPA standard modem, you should just insert your SIM card and receive the record speed Internet in your PC (up to 3.6 Mb/s). Compatibility with the most modern HSDPA network technology provides users all advantages of mobile Internet, including music and video downloading/uploading and etc.

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