Online payment
Дата: 11.01.2021

Thanks to modern technologies, recharging your mobile balance has become even more affordable and easier. Now, to replenish your balance and the balance of your family and friends without a commission, it is enough to have a bank card "Korti Milli".

The holders of "Korti Milli" are considered to be users of more than 10 banks and microdeposit organizations in the Republic of Tajikistan, such as:

  1. "Amonatbank"
  2. "First Microfinance Bank"
  3. "Kafolatbank"
  4. "Spitamenbank"
  5. MDO "Matin" MDO
  6. "Imon International"
  7. "Bonkie Millia Pokiston"
  8. "Osie Bank"
  9. "Orienbank"
  10. OJSC "Commerzbank of Tajikistan"
  11. International Bank of Tajikistan
  12. MDO "Alif Sarmoya"
  13. "Humo"
  14. Sokhibkorbank Dushanbe
  15. City (Avfar)

Top up your balance without commissions - simple, convenient and easy!


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